Good Day, Bad Day

A good day in the office, a bad day in the office;

Except the May Day Bank Holiday should never really be about work.

Having worked on Worker's Day proper, Bank Holiday Monday was a day for rest and play. A good day in the saddle, a good day with the walking shoes and a bloody good day in the boozer.

A bad day in the office for Surrey Cricket.


A half-arsed trip out to deepest Canterbury was discussed the night before. I think that the saddle, walking shoes and boozer combination ended up the winner.

This was the third day of our mini Tour de Worker's Day Machine and Marxism roll out - or whatever we decide to call it depending on the mood we're in when we wake up.

The 73km Monday Marxism spin was shamelessly lifted from a CTC ride put together by @PamNelsonColch. The Mersea Hop section was cut short. Time and tide, etc.

It was a glorious early morning ride and a bloody good test for the Garmin. I fixed the mount (that refuses to live up to its name...) with the tried and tested method of adding some blu-tack to the ball that connects to the socket.

The Garmin arrow of destiny guided us around the badlands of Essex with ease. Early morning traffic was non-existent; I picked up a limp wrist simply from politely waving to the many other Marxism Monday riders taking to the roads.


Back at base and the aborted window cleaning session from Sunday was the sum of my working effort on Worker's Day.

Brightlingsea and BOOZE was waiting as the reward.

Another case of estuary wilds time and tide, Comrades.

The walk out along the Colne changes each week and is just waiting to be photographed. But we had our BOOZE heads on, not to mention a bloody awful two hourly bus service back to base.

It was heads down, no snappy snappy action and last man standing in Brightlingsea gets the BOOZE in.

The Railway remains my fave boozer around these parts. £2.80 for a pint of jet black stout, and a packet of pork scratchings for the lady.

Stick or twist?

A bus at 4:20, or a bus at 6:20?

Gardening chores or more BOOZE?

The boring arse within won the day. It wasn't all that bad. The late afternoon rays are just starting to creep up over the raspberry bushes, giving you an extra golden hour for gardening / collapsing in the hammock.

Shame about the bad day in the office for Surrey Cricket.

Good day, bad day?

GOLDEN Days, Comrades.

Back to work tomorrow.

Chin chin.

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