All About the Network

I use to work for Network News back in a different life. Oh the irony of being a jobbing journo for a print publication all about the network that has left no online footprint.

The modern interweb at the time was just starting to grow. Editorial copy hinted at what was soon to come, yet very few of us took online seriously, such was the slowness of dial up at the time.

Network News pumped out the print, until one day the modern interweb killed the publication.

I remember bashing out copy at the time about how the big beasts of IT were busy connecting big business. The agenda was never one of personal self-advancement.

And now some sixteen years later and it still all comes back to being about the network for me.

I hesitate to sound like some self-facilitating media node arse, but without the modern interweb and you're buggered.

A recent cycling trip to the Norfolk wilds left me cut loose and fancy free. I admit that I rather enjoyed the splendid isolation for about one afternoon, but soon I felt that I needed to be online to upload images to flickr, sync Strava rides, catch up on the cricket etc.


Where will this quest for connectivity and speed end?

I was expecting to be 4G enabled via giffgaff this weekend. Instead I'm finding that I live (sort of) in a 4G not so hotspot.

The buggers!

3G is no way to go when you want to share hit and miss images whilst stuck out cycling around the Essex badlands.

Back at base and talk of late has been about connecting an elderly relative to the modern interweb for the first time. We (and more importantly she) have resisted so far.

For what use and for what purpose would the modern interweb be for her?

A tablet may offer a physical, practical solution, but the switch from LW radio to FM is still proving problematic.

What would life have been like without the modern interweb? As ever, it is the wisdom of the elderly relative who can offer us answers.

Still grinning btw about a print publication all about the network that couldn't leave an online legacy...

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