Street Talkin' Man

I'm having some soulful moments of nostalgia rediscovering these - the entire Streetsounds back catalogue.

I'm not alone.

What a label! Streetsounds had everything - the identity, the mission and the cool as fuck tunes. Perhaps the only thing missing was the commercial clout.


Back in the day (which isn't typed out as an ironic street statement) and Streetsounds was for the cool kids in the school playground. This was the era of tribalism in music. Street culture was all the better for it.

I was caught between Britfunk and Billy Bragg. Between Marx and Marzipan in the dictionary, there was Mary, etc.

I remember the first appearance of the Streetsounds series back in Selectadisc in the Fair City, my own musical educational establishment. The covers grabbed me first, then the funk.

The intensity of the label was amazing. Albums were rush released almost each month. As soon as the imports came over from the States, Streetsounds were on it.

I got a little side-tracked around Streetsounds 4 when the Electro series first emerged. You could sense a growing move towards hip hop for the label. The pure soul however was too strong to ditch.

The Electro series became truly massive for oooh, about six months sometime towards the back end of 1984. Streetsounds as a label over-stretched and then imploded.

But what a legacy to leave.

Who knew that there was a jazz imprint?

And now the modern interweb is serving up Streetsounds all over again for me. The original series remains strong in defining my own musical identity.

Does this tribalism still exist in modern music?


Endless Graun articles go in search of Grime is the new Grunge etc. I've long since given up on trying to follow it all. Streetsounds makes me smile, and that is good enough.

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