#FL CommunityJourno 2.3

aka... Innovation in Community News.

'cos it's all about keeping it lean and mean, isn't it Comrades?

Innovation is all very well, as long as it isn't a buzzword to hide having bugger all funding.

Apt then that 2.3 was presented by Geoff Mulgan, CEO of NESTA.

Geoff spoke about the paradox of the 2014 media landscape (stick with it...) - it is possible to pass on your message to a global audience, yet most people now want to access content that is based within their own community.

How about sticking your head out of the window and SHOUTING?

Now that's what I call sustainability, Comrades.

This whole modern interweb ride for me has been about the ease of creating and publishing. Here's a box, type some thoughtful prose words into it and hit publish. You've just completed a task that centuries ago would have been only available to the printing press elite.

But what the chuffers are you going to do with this platform?

This is a theme addressed by Geoff: will hyperlocal follow a BIG media driven news agenda? Or perhaps become a shared resource for local content and data? Or simply local ads?

It didn't take long into the video for the F word to be explored.


Oh Lordy.

"The jury is still out" on how to fund hyperlocals, explained Geoff.

Betcha they won't come back in for a second sitting, either.


It is as simple as that. You're better off focussing any spare time that you may have in creating content rather than dreaming of the dosh.

Don't forget to Pay the Writer - something that you will realistically never be able to. It's the reason why I normally tend to work alone on my projects, rather than makes false promises about payment to other people.

A "reliable common platform" for publishing is also looked at. I'd prefer a non-uniform way of getting the content out there. It's all about the story, but the last thing that the modern interweb needs is a hyperlocal Clone War of bloody Blogger templates.

Um... fargo.io.

Yer man from NESTA concludes by floating the idea of hyperlocals working closely with local councils and providing a PR service in return for payment.


No ta.

There is no authority but yourself.

Or something.

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