Gardener's Delight

"You're doing a good job. Keep it up."

Um, ta.

That's a greeting I get whenever I'm out gardening at the front. Digging out the weeds is a social activity that crosses social class.

You can read too much into the: "You're doing a good job." The Marxist analysis would be to analyse the mode of production and the control of labour.

But I'm simply wearing a pair of marigolds and digging around in MY front garden.

That's makes me part of the bourgeoisie, doesn't it?


Like I said - you can read too much into the: "You're doing a good job."

I like to think that instead it is a social response to the most social of activities. Working with the natural palette of soil and toil, any passers-by simply recognise that... you are doing a good job.

And yeah, I kinda was on Wednesday afternoon.

I often refer friends to swimming if they are looking for a social scene. We're all the same in our birthday suits is my reasoning. But gardening is the new swimming. Birthday suits are optional.

I never fail to be inspired by the passing interest. On the surface I'm simply digging beneath the surface. And not even with much vigour if I'm being honest.

But there is a definite social response to one man and his marigolds getting slightly muddy.

The south facing front garden back in Sunny Stockwell often leads me to sitting outside mid-afternoon on a deckchair with a knotted handkerchief on my head.

This is also a local talking point.

I don't buy into this enclosure and KEEP OUT principle to private gardens. They are there to be enjoyed, and not fenced off.

Um, within reason...

And so if anyone fancies a little more than simply commenting on my mastering of the mode of production, then you're welcome to Dig for Victory with me, Comrades.

"You're doing a good job. Keep it up."

Job's a good 'un.

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