Water Rhythm

'cos it's all about the water and the rhythm. I took my time to find both the water and the rhythm early on Friday morning. But once the sanitised converted old gas showroom of an Essex indoor pool [gosh] allowed me to eat up the length, my arms finally found the rhythm that my morning swimming routine demands.

I've long since given up trying to work out just what it is that makes a good swim become a really great swim. There's no such thing as a bad swim; average swims are also just an illusion.

Or maybe they are the preserve of a sanitised converted old gasroom showroom of an Essex indoor pool?

I've tried to isolate the variables that make a swim grrreat.

Pasta the night before? No booze - both the night before and for breakfast. Other, um, abstinence?

All of these factors can be discounted. I've come to the conclusion that a great swim is more in the mind than in the body. Physical preparation counts for little. If you want to find your water rhythm then play positive mind games in the converted gas showroom.

I did just this on Friday morning. I overcame the rather big obstacle of the bingo Two Fat Ladies hogging the fast lanes.

Live and let breaststroke etc. Maybe the 66 girls were simply warming up ahead of finding their water rhythm?

And so a slow build up for me, and then mid-swim and WOH!

This feels good.

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