Wanna Be Startin' Something

This looks half-decent - Troublemakers? ...at the ACE Bishops Gate Institute over in the City.

Don't be fooled by the location, location, location, Comrades. @BishopsGateInst may be in the heart of the City of Corruption, but contained within is over two Centuries of protest, struggle and surrealism.

Or Bread and Roses, as we use to say back in the day.

A morning spent within the walls of the Institute was the highlight of my own personal Open House explorations back in 2013. Where else can you find the minutes of the GLC available for you to read at your leisure?

Probably online...

Which brings us back to Troublemakers? It's not all about absorbing every last paragraph out of some turn of the Century anarchic theoretical text. There's nothing wrong in correlating anarchist theory with contemporary unrest, but don't forget to do the digital thing.

Troublemakers? ...certainly hasn't forgotten. One of the highlights of the schedule is Protest in the Digital Age (or (tweet the fuck out of #localgov, as was my contribution during #ukgc14...)

The London Radical Bookfair takes over the Institute on 10 May; there's a walk around the Commie hotspot (ha!) of Clerkenwell the following morning.

If you aren't the revolting type then it's worth a visit to the brilliant Bishopsgate Institute for the building and sense of history itself.

If you are a London toplological twonk then you can stand in one of the main corridors and imagine revolutions past and present being played out in front of your eyes.

Failing that then the newly opened high class coffee shop is rather nice.

Our Troublemakers? series takes a look at what it means to take a stand. Is radicalism always extreme, revolutionary or even violent when it seeks to challenge perceived norms or advocate for change? Is it always anti-establishment or left-wing?

LOVE the disclaimer of: *actual trouble not included.

Plus: here's the Hated by the Daily Mail deceased Whitechapel Anarchist Group Telling It Like It Is, via the always engaging Circled A Resonance broadcast.

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