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This is a great find - a new #hyperlocal site covering a particular geo-patch of around the edges of the Oval. Or is it within the vicinity of Vauxhall? some may even call it Kennington.


Either way, it shows just how hyperlocal is homing in on micro patches, and then providing something positive within a specific community.

Hat-tip to Martin Stanley's wonderful Fentiman / Richbourne / ahem Dorset Road email list for the find. I would link to Martin's details, but the information comes via an irregular email of all that is hyperlocal.

Maybe that is the future of location-based publishing?

But anyway - back to Interest in Meadow Road, Palfrey Place Ashmole Street, Claylands Road / Place and Trigon Road.

Or IMPACT as the site likes to be known.


What IMPACT captures perfectly is the changing nature of a locality. It also shows the power of images in documenting these changes. It's as simple as snapping a daily change, and then hitting publishing with a few words.

But is it that simple?

Time and tide, as ever get in the way. The demands of the real world all too often restrict the development of #hyperlocals. Short and punchy often leads to the greatest impact.

IMPACT should give fargo.io a go.

But is it that simple?

It is no surprise that the best local knowledge comes from local people. IMPACT (and there are many others...) is a bottom up model of Telling It Like It Is. There is an intrinsic trust of those that live around you. BIG MEDIA (and even local media to an extent) often get it so wrong when trying to cover a specific locality with any authority, let alone integrity.

It also raises some interesting questions about how hyper is #hyperlocal? Down the road and the wonderful Brixton Blog covers a HUGE footprint. That's gotta be a challenge to sustain? [URGH.]

Hang on - isn't this happening next week?

Oh Lordy.

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