Economy Model

I've been thinking a lot about the economy of the bicycle. Paying bills for the repairs and servicing of my bikes tends to focus on the fiscal aspect of cycling.

In short, I've had a complete spring clean - but in terms of space and mechanics. Bye-bye to the Moulton fleet: the Deluxe, the Mini and yep, the BONKERS. They were taking up too much storage space and simply weren't being used.

The corresponding mechanical clean has seen a complete service of the MTB, the road bike and the Brompton. The ebay fighting fund from the Moultons has covered this, plus a little left over to start thinking about buying a track bike once again for Herne Hill.

So yeah - I've been thinking about the economy of the bicycle of late...

It seems quite an outlay each spring. £40 for the Brompton to be fine-tuned, £120 to keep the road bike road worthy. You could of course buy a half-decent second hand frame for those figures combined.

But then I think about what I use my bicycles for.

In short - EVERYTHING.

I've never owned a car and so don't know much about the cost. I'd wager though that the overheads are significantly higher than keeping a fleet of what is now four bicycles on the road (the Sunny Stockwell rust bucket doesn't get too much bike love to be honest...)

My bicycles are pretty much my life. They enable to do and go wherever I want. I work and play via two wheels. It's a small price worth paying for that personal freedom.

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