They call him Billy Two Blogs. Yeah, yeah - 'cos that's just greedy.

But I felt that I was in need of a different approach to blogging.

There's always been m'blog (apart from when I threw a wobbly after the first year...) and there probably always will be. It becomes something that you just do; it's part of the natural rhythm of life. You wake up, drink tea and then blog.

I've not been doing much of this of late though for various reasons. onionbagblog has always been the online dumping ground for what I get up to offline. I play, I observe, I blog.

Work has got in the way of much of the playing in recent months. That's no bad thing. Pay to play, and all that twaddle.

What to blog about though? Work?


Nope - what I needed was an online dumping ground Part II that wasn't event or location specific. That nice Samuels Pepys might have even called it a diary back in the day.

It's a return (of sorts) to the Golden Years of Blogging (ARF!)

Sometime around 2007 and BIG MEDIA took over and killed off the glory of weblogs as we knew it.

I'm here to change that.

Ha, bloody ha.

Probably not, but I do need a personal online space that can also become social, and one that doesn't include endless Crap Match Reports.

Plus I'm keen to develop my own tech skills and learn a little more about outliners. This blog is built entirely using the ACE fargo. Which sounds quite fancy, but actually it didn't take too much tinkering.

I've fallen in love once again with the simple process of having an online outline in front of me, bashing out the words and then allowing the magic of the modern interweb to be put to work.

Wordpress has become a beast. It can sometimes take an entire evening just to embed, publish and do all the responsive twaddle that blogs have grown to become.

Hopefully I can just whack out some words in an outliner and once again find some blogging rhythm.

I give it until the end of the week until I'm reduced to 140 characters or less...

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By Jason A.Cobb, Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 12:57 PM. You should never argue with a crazy man.